Christmas Love.

What Christmas love means to me. Family and friends gather around being, loving & thankful. Giving God the glory and praise. Remember God loves us because he gave his only begotten son to save us from our sins. That’s why Christmas is so special to me because he has given us a gift his name is Jesus.

Have a blessed Christmas & a Happy New year. !!

Labor Day

What’s Labor Day? Basically, to rest from your daily work flow , resting your body ,soul & mind. For me, its time , to make better decisions. God is asking me to pray more and have a deeper relationship with him as well. This world isn’t our home. We are here to please God , not people. No one is perfect, so try to perfect our relationship with giving God praise everyday and praying for others. Amen.

Easter 2019

Jesus, were risen on the 3rd day, and the heavens received him.

How can we get to heaven.?? If we be good to others or receiving salvation ? Knowing and believing Jesus was sent as God “s son, so we can live forever. No, dying ,crying, pain and anger can’t enter into heaven, Amen. So celebrate Easter with Salvation. Remember tomorrow, maybe too late. Amen.

What Women Want? 2019

You are born with eye brows, but you change it. You’re hair is long you cut it. What women want is Identity. Women yearn for beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Stop changing your look, for society. God has created us, so accept it. God said, you’re wonderfully made. Stop cutting, trimming and coloring, it isn’t right. You’re beautifully , made by the Lord. Amen. 💯🌟